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At Protected Species Ecology Ltd we carry out riparian surveys for a range of developments that can alter or affect riparian habitats, such as micro-hydroelectric schemes, pipelines, roads and habitat creation/restoration.

A riparian survey or river corridor survey is an ecological survey of a river or water course and its margins, to describe the habitats, map animal signs and vegetation, and assess whether the site could support UK Protected Species such as water vole or European Protected Species (EPS) such as native crayfish, otter, notable birds or other Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) species.

At Protected Species Ecology Ltd, we have been carrying out riparian surveys since the 1990s. Dave Lewns has worked on major infrastructure schemes such as the M6 (Toll) trapping, draining water courses and translocating water vole, native crayfish and great crested newts. He is a highly experienced in riparian habitat management and creation, having been the Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) responsible for the creation of the Portbury Wharf reserve

If the riparian survey indicates that an EPS or UK protected species may be present, we will explain the potential issues and conflicts to our client, and advise on what additional survey may be required, or how modifications to the design or changes to the timing could may help them avoid the need for further work.