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Our services include:

  • Dormouse survey or nut search
  • Nest tube surveys
  • Nest box surveys
  • Design and implementation of dormouse mitigation
  • Dormouse licence application
  • Monitoring works during development work

At Protected Species Ecology Ltd we have three licensed dormice ecologists and our associate, Murray Bracewell, who also holds a dormouse survey licence. Our licences allow us to carry out surveys involving the capture, handling and marking of dormice in all counties of England and Wales.

Dormice are protected under UK and European legislation: which makes it an offence to kill, injure or disturb dormice, or to damage their resting places (nests). So if a development or forestry operation is considered likely to interrupt a dormouse access route, remove dormouse foraging or nesting habitat, or disturb dormice, a dormouse survey and assessment needs to be completed beforehand.

We have been carrying out dormice surveys since the 1990s. During this time we have surveyed road schemes, pipelines, industrial and residential developments as well as quarries extensions for dormice. Penny Lewns has prepared EPS licences for a number of developments, including major road schemes on behalf of the Welsh Government.

A dormouse survey involves looking for evidence of dormice (such as nests, characteristically chewed nuts and sections of stripped bark) and assessing the potential of the area to support dormice. If evidence of dormice is found or they are considered likely to be present on the basis of the habitat and location, the next stage is to carry out a nest tube or dormouse box survey. These involve installing a series of dormouse nest-tubes and/or wooden dormouse nest boxes, leaving them in place for as long as possible between April and October, and inspecting them at regular monthly intervals for evidence of dormice.

If dormice are present, we will explain the potential issues and conflicts, and advise our clients on any modifications to the design or changes to the timing that may help them avoid the need for a licence. If a (EPS) licence is required, we will complete the dormouse licence application on our client’s behalf, and liaise with the licensing authority, planning authority and contractors to ensure a successful outcome for all.

Dormice surveys are completed in advance of submitting a planning application; and this can mean unexpected delays for some clients. We encourage clients to discuss their plans with us as soon as possible, to ensure the surveys are timed to best effect, and delays are minimised.